Research Contracts Benchmarking

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Research Contracts Benchmarking

Research Consulting, working in partnership with CMS, are delighted to announce the launch of our 2023 Research Contracts Benchmarking exercise for higher education institutions in the UK and Australia.

Building on our two previous benchmarking exercises, in 2013 and 2018, participation enables research performing organisations to benchmark contract volume and resourcing levels against their peers and explore the role of software solutions and artificial intelligence tools in the management of research contracts.

The aim of the exercise is to identify areas where improvement can be made and highlight current best practices in order to help inform future decisions about resourcing, activity levels and software solutions in research contracts functions.

The exercise provides an opportunity for universities to benchmark their research contracts activities against peer institutions, so they can gain insights into how their own processes may need improvement or if they are falling behind in terms of best practices. Participating universities will also have access to in-depth data from other participants on a reciprocal basis, providing valuable insight into how different universities approach similar tasks. This will include resourcing levels, volume levels, workflows, software solutions and variations in functional remits and staff roles. This data may then be used by universities to inform their own decisions on how to allocate resources or adjust the way they handle certain activities within the research contracts function. There will also be an opportunity to network and exchange information between participants via good practice workshops in late 2023.

Over 30 institutions have already expressed interest in the 2023 benchmarking exercise. To join them simply express interest through Research Consulting’s website by 30 April 2023.

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