Our Services

We support the whole research lifecycle, including policy, funding, management, publishing, impact and knowledge exchange.


Strategy & Policy

Strategy and policy development at organisational, national and international levels.


Management & Operations

Reviews of research management and operations. Comparative analysis to enable benchmarking with peers.


Evaluation & Impact

Process and impact evaluations of strategy, policy and operations, delivered at project, organisation, national and international levels. Evaluation of research impact and engagement.


Market Insights & Business Cases

Landscape reviews and market intelligence. Developing business cases, value proposition design and propositions for new or strategic developments.


Data, Systems & AI

Reviews of digital research services, systems and tools, including research data management and high performance computing functions. Enabling and support adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in a scholarly context.


Research Assessment

Reviews of, and support for, planning and operationalising research assessment at the organisational, national and international levels. Evaluation and support regarding research outputs, impact and the wider research environment and culture.


Training & Capacity Building

Augmenting the capacity and capability of clients’ in-house teams, delivering training on key topics and supporting research capacity strengthening efforts in low- and middle-income countries.

Our Projects

Explore our work for different clients across the range of service areas we support