No pain, no gain – Research Consulting is ISO 9001 certified!

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ISO 9001 is probably the most valued and sought-after quality certification standard in the world – most people in business are aware of it and a growing number of organisations try to get it. And yet less than 1% of UK businesses hold one. Recently we finally received confirmation that Research Consulting was part of that 1%.

Is this a reason to celebrate? Well, given the investment of time and money we made in this process certainly yes – no one likes to put in a lot of effort and fail in the end. But is the ISO 9001 certification going to be useful? Hardly in marketing terms, since most of our clients get to know the quality of our work…from our work (the reports we publish, the presentation we make, the connections we create, the feedback from happy clients). But we had another reason to embark in this process: given our growing portfolio of projects, we wanted to make sure that our management is of the same quality as our work – which would allow us to deliver high quality work even as we rapidly grow.

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