Research Consulting’s first ever team development day

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It’s been a while since the whole of Research Consulting gathered en masse, but we did it in style for our first ever Team Development Day. All ten members of the team met at The De Vere Orchard Hotel on the University of Nottingham campus for a day of business-focussed sessions – with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, we took full advantage of an outdoor terrace for some team building and thought-provoking exercises. Topics for the day included: reflecting on the past year, understanding each other at work, with MBTI analysis (featuring ‘Which Simpsons character are you?’), communication methods, horizon scanning and commercial drivers.

The Research Consulting Team Development Day went very well. Following the extended period of virtual working and with a growing team, there was significant value created through physically meeting and working together. Time was invested in clarifying further the team’s mission and honing our ways of working to embrace our new hybrid approach. Also, we had a rich discussion to understand what matters for each team member so that the business can flex to meet individual needs. It was a pleasure to support the team to continue to develop and evolve.Facilitator, Cathy Brown

Which Simpsons Character are you? (Inspired by MBTI)

The day brought a few surprises along the way, one being an Apprentice-style team building activity that was sprung on unsuspecting colleagues, who formed two teams: “The Broadmashup” and “Robin Hood” to devise a hypothetical strategy for the redevelopment of Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Centre and how it could benefit the city and wider community.

The Team Development Day was a great opportunity for us to get together and discuss development opportunities in the coming months. A particular highlight for me was having the time and space to hear from my colleagues on various topics and issues, which I feel has helped me to better understand their perspectives…and of course, it goes without saying – our team’s victory at ‘The Apprentice’!Researcher, Victoria Ficarra

Take note: Brainstorming ideas and deepening our understanding

Looking back not just on the past year, but all the way back to 2013, when I founded Research Consulting, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come. A key area of the day’s focus was reflecting on our experiences of the past 12 months – a year like no other we’ve seen – and noting how we’ve grown both as individuals and collectively, as a team.Rob Johnson, Managing Director

After a day of brainstorming, questioning, listening and reflecting, the Research Consulting team rounded off proceedings with a well-earned drink in the hotel bar. What a productive day!

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