Research Consulting are on the move

Katie Taylor, 01/07/2021

We’re a business that’s expanding, not only in the size of our team, but also with the scope of our work. It had become all too apparent that we’d outgrown our existing office space for both of these reasons – the solution? We had to move with the times and find a bigger HQ! And, in a masterstroke of good timing and a bit of lateral-thinking, it turns out that we’re not moving far… two doors down, to be exact, moving from a tightly packed 41minto a substantial 55m2

Rob Johnson, Research Consulting’s Founder and Managing Director says: “Keeping the impressive Ingenuity Centre on the University of Nottingham Innovation Park [UNIP] as our base is something we’re delighted about. Its creative and contemporary workspaces, close to the academic heart of the University of Nottingham, have formed a strong part not only of Research Consulting’s formative years, but also of our future. We’ve put down strong roots within UNIP and we’re excited about the opportunities our new office space offer and the expansion they reflect in our ever-increasing projects and client base.”

The Ingenuity Centre – both our old and our new home! [Credit: Alex Wilkinson Media]

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy formulating new desk arrangements, not only to incorporate our long-standing team, but also to include the new faces we’ve recently hired.

Outgrown: Our old office space
Spacious: Room to grow is built in

Dan King, Director adds: “Our previous move was way back in 2018, when Research Consulting was just a team of five and now we are twice as big with ten people. Our new office is the embodiment of the growth we are proud to have achieved, collectively, as a team.”

Speaking of Research Consulting’s third move within the site, James Chaffer, UNIP’s Operations Director said:

“It is very rewarding to see that many of the small start-up companies we support have not only survived the challenges encountered over the past year of lockdown restrictions but are now starting to emerge in a strong position to implement the next phase of their expansion plans.

“I was very pleased when Rob approached me to discuss requirements for additional space to house their growing team and was glad to offer them a suitable open-plan office, to meet their current and future needs. Their growth shows the benefits of operating within a flexible environment focussed on supporting business – we must both be doing something right!

“The UNIP team would like to wish the whole of Research Consulting every success in the next exciting chapter of their story and we look forward to helping them in any way we can to achieve this.” 

True to our consultative spirit, we are asking the team for their suggestions for wall art and plants to add the finishing touches to our new office, so watch this space for a further update on what we choose. An expanding team means bigger ideas – something Research Consulting excels at!