Showcasing research impact at the University of Salford




University of Salford, Manchester

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Developing a report presenting the impact from research and knowledge exchange activities carried out across the University of Salford.

University of Salford, Manchester

Following strong REF2021 results, the University of Salford wanted to raise the profile of its research and knowledge exchange impact activity, to showcase their strong industrial engagement and the broad range of impact being generated with local, national and international reach. As such, Salford commissioned Research Consulting to develop an impact report to be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

To do this, we interviewed a series of key stakeholders from across the university to discuss different areas of Salford’s research and knowledge exchange activity, alongside reviewing REF Impact case studies and internal documents. This information was reviewed, and a report outline discussed with key research staff at Salford in a focus group to ensure appropriate impact examples were chosen and that we were covering the full research landscape at Salford. With this feedback we developed the report narrative and a series of case studies to be highlighted within the report.

Our narrative was used by the in-house design team at the University of Salford to develop the final impact report, which is available here.

I thought the check-in sessions were really useful just to get that sense of where everything was up to and Chris was great at keeping in touch via e-mail and responded quickly to any queries we had. The interviews and focus group were particularly beneficial to get an overall sense of what we were looking for from the report.