Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the UKRI Open Access policy

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We are pleased to announce a new study commissioned by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for their Open Access policy. This framework will seek to enable UKRI and the broader sector to assess progress towards Open Access, levels of compliance with the UKRI policy and its overall effectiveness. The M&E framework will also aim to establish how Open Access publication trends affect academic practices and society, where possible.

Our approach

Working alongside our associates Bianca Kramer and Cameron Neylon, we will be identifying a series of potential M&E questions, approaches to answer them, their feasibility and expected resource intensity. We anticipate that the M&E framework will employ a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures, to account for the diversity of practices and stakeholders across the research landscape. We will also be considering information sources and datasets that can yield useful insights while minimising reporting burdens.

UKRI wishes to ensure that the M&E framework is co-designed with the research and publishing community. To achieve this, Research Consulting and UKRI will be conducting interviews and workshops with a diversity of experts and stakeholders.

What happens next?

The project kicked off in July 2022 and aims to complete in the autumn. UKRI will consider the outcomes of this work with a view to developing a final monitoring and evaluation framework for the Open Access policy.

Regular updates will be available on this page over the course of the project, and feel free get in touch with Andrea Chiarelli (Senior Consultant, Research Consulting) for more information on this work. To find out about UKRI’s monitoring and compliance efforts, please see the UKRI Open Access policy supplementary FAQs.

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