Towards a competitive & sustainable open access market

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Today sees the publication of our new report for the EC’s OpenAIRE project, Towards a Sustainable and Competitive Open Access Market in Europe.

The report discusses some of the challenges in developing an effective market for academic journal publications, looks at the progress of open access, and considers the current policy environment in Europe and (briefly) the US and China. It also sets out various options for the move to OA, and reviews the policy interventions most commonly proposed by means of a meta-analysis of a number of previous studies and reports.

Accompanying the report is an Annex (pdf) which contains our mid-term evaluation of the FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot, organised by OpenAIRE.

The aim is that the report’s findings will underpin a forthcoming roadmap to OA, to be discussed at a workshop in the Hague, Netherlands on 20 April, which aims to translate the outcomes into more concrete actions.

For more information please see the announcement on the OpenAIRE blog.

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