The Role of Hybrid Open Access in Extending Author Choice

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Hybrid Open Access | Research Consulting

Our report for the Publishing Research Consortium (PRC) has been released on 23 February. Working in partnership with Pleiade Management and Consultancy, we interviewed 33 authors of gold open access articles to understand their motivations and influencing factors when selecting the Hybrid OA option.

The report found that the most important factor for researchers when deciding where to publish is the scope and quality of a journal – open access is often not factored into this process, as authors tend to assume this option would be offered by default. We found that if no open access option was available, more than 50% of researchers who published in a Hybrid journal would have selected another journal. Therefore, with no hybrid option, author choice would be restricted.

‘What if’ questions for authors of OA articles.

Other key findings include:

  • Hybrid journals offer flexibility to researchers when funding is limited
  • Gaining exposure is one of the strongest arguments for publishing open access
  • Offsetting deals appear to have a stimulating effect on open access publication
  • Green open access is often not seen as a full-fledged alternative to Gold open access
  • Gold open access is largely driven by and reliant upon external funding.

For more information, please have a look at the original press release by the Publishers Association. You can download our report here.

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