Research Consulting announces national survey of KEC professionals for PraxisUnico

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On Friday 23 October 2015, PraxisUnico launched two surveys on Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC), prepared by Research Consulting. The surveys will collect data currently not available from thousands of KEC professionals and institutions in order to shape sector-wide recommendations and campaigns on behalf of the KEC profession. PraxisUnico’s main goals are:

  1. raise the profile of knowledge exchange and commercialisation (KEC) as a profession – in terms of both its make-up, contribution etc.
  2. ensure that KEC professionals concerns are heard
  3. to help key stakeholders – government, academia and industry – to understand the complexity of KEC activity

Research Consulting will be analysing the survey findings for PraxisUnico and produce a report and a one-page infographic which will be publicly available to highlight the role of KEC, the experience of what it’s like working in KEC, and the structures within which professionals operate. The report is scheduled to be completed by February 2016.

It is important to gather the input of as many people working in Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation across the country as possible. If this is relevant to your role, please complete one the survey for KEC practitioners –

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