Qualitative Research – How to Look, Listen and Analyse

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Qualitative Research | Research Consulting

Our team at Research Consulting are seasoned professionals when it comes to analysis. Our tool of choice? Qualitative research. That’s why we’re pleased to release our latest guide: Making research work for you.

From the many projects – currently over the 200 mark – reports and reviews we’ve conducted, we’ve encountered just about every interview scenario and we know that once we get to work on analysing the results, we want to highlight every nuance, capture every insight and create results that are both informative and compelling. Whether it be one-to-one interviews, case studies, focus groups or surveys, applying qualitative research will enrichen your work with detail.

Examining our findings through a lens of qualitative research enables us to see the intricacies involved and plunge into a deep dive towards a full understanding of people’s views. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do!

Why qualitative research?

It’s flexible. It’s a toolkit that encourages an enquiring mind to delve into findings. It opens up engagement and, in expert hands, is the intuitive way to provide a bespoke service. This is precisely what Research Consulting do for every one of our clients – you’ll see in our guide how our skilled use of qualitative research has not only helped stakeholders, but also, how our findings were a springboard to new, fascinating perceptions for clients too.

The team [at Research Consulting] did a great job in helping us frame the project. They then ran things professionally and efficiently, with clear communication and milestones.

What can qualitative research do for you?

We all know what ‘good’ looks like and it’s critically important when you’re dealing with peoples’ views and opinions. Qualitative research is your trigger for impartiality and clarity. Together with listening to what is being said, asking open-ended questions are the key foundations of a productive interview – no one feels valued if their only response is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Qualitative research opens the door to getting down to the absolutely fascinating information your interviewees have within them. It’s all there for you to explore.

Don’t miss our top five tips on page three of our essential guide and let us know your own favourite tips too. It was hard for us to boil it down to just five, but – applying the best principles of qualitative research – concise, targeted outputs are our speciality. And if you’d like to join our list of happy clients and have our team deliver expert qualitative research for you, why not get in touch via enquiries@researchconsulting.com

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