Tracking research data assets in higher education institutions





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We wrote a white paper on behalf of Elsevier focusing on the importance of tracking research data in an institutional context, building on a consultation with 20 international stakeholders.

Tracking research data assets in higher education institutions

On behalf of Elsevier, we explored institutional capacity to track and manage data assets effectively, using one-to-one and small group interviews to engage with 20 international stakeholders from research, library, publishing and funder communities.

The white paper outlines the challenges and barriers to the effective management of research data, including risk of data loss. It considers the drivers to improving data sharing, including prioritisation by research funders and increasing strategic interest in this area within research performing organisations. The white paper also describes the need for proactive support to researchers, including appropriate technical and organisational infrastructures, as well as the importance of the behaviours of individual researchers in enabling progress in data sharing and tracking.

To support institutions looking to strengthen their strategy in this area, the white paper features a 10-step plan to begin tracking institutional research data, whether via internal software development or by procuring external solutions.