Review of Research Data Management Services




University of Southampton

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A review of research data management services and support at the University of Southampton, with a particular focus on their leading health data.

University of Southampton | Research Consulting

Research data management aims to ensure that research data is collected, documented, stored and archived according to good practice and can be reused effectively by others. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused more people to enter into remote or hybrid working arrangements, the importance of good research data management has increased significantly, and universities have been reflecting on their existing provision and future developments to best support their researchers.

In this context, the University of Southampton has commissioned Research Consulting to deliver a review of research data management services and support, with a particular focus on the use of sensitive personal data in broad life sciences research. Through a series of interviews with over 40 stakeholders, focusing mostly on the life sciences but also engaging more broadly across the University, this work sought to gauge perspectives on the support needed by researchers throughout the research data lifecycle; the current picture of existing data assets at the University; how metadata creation and reporting might be improved; and the potential priority areas for investment that would enhance RDM support. Area of focus also included collaboration with external partners (e.g. industry, other universities) and access to data provided by the NHS.

Project outputs included a final report to the University as well as a collection of user stories to inform future service development.