Review of DOAJ’s business model and value proposition





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We worked with DOAJ to define and clarify their social value proposition and identify possible business models and revenue streams for long-term sustainability

Review of DOAJ’s business model and value proposition

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an open scholarly infrastructure that provides a list of trusted open access journals. It was launched in 2003 and has grown to index over 20,000 journals from around the world. DOAJ faces several challenges in ensuring its sustainability and scalability, such as increasing operational costs, budget constraints of potential supporters, variation in funding streams across regions and technical limitations. DOAJ also needs to adapt to the changing landscape of open scholarly communication and maintain its reputation as a source of quality and trust.

DOAJ worked with Research Consulting to conduct a sustainability review, building on the principles of value proposition design and using the non-profit model canvas. Our work identified three strands of work for the short to medium term: trust, sustainability and fair use. These involve strengthening the governance structure and legal model, streamlining and simplifying the existing support models and monetising large-scale commercial usage of DOAJ data. For the longer term, DOAJ also plans to seek grant funding or similar mechanisms to scale up operations and invest in its technical infrastructure, as well as collaborating with regional indexes to increase its coverage of trusted journals.

By implementing some of the recommendations arising from our work, DOAJ aims to ensure its continuity and future sustainability and to enhance its value proposition for different communities and stakeholders.