Policy Engagement by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine at the University of Warwick




The University of Warwick

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Advising a leading university on the approach to policy engagement by one of their faculties. We engaged over 30 staff, delivered desk research and interviewed international comparators for benchmarking purposes. 

university of Warwick

Research Consulting was commissioned by the University of Warwick to deliver a preliminary review to understand the nature, coverage, connectivity and scale of its policy engagement activities, including how it might take informed steps to continue to grow the benefits it brings both to society and the economy. 

The review involved a combination of desk research, interviews and focus groups with 30 staff, including academics and central and local support staff, and interviews with representatives from the Universities of Nottingham, Manchester and Monash for benchmarking purposes. 

Our stakeholder consultation provided the University of Warwick with seven prioritised recommendations and an action plan for implementation over 18 months based on Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model.