Creating a facilitation guide for the University of Nottingham’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion cards




University of Nottingham

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The creation of a series of guidance ‘cards’ to accompany the University of Nottingham’s Equality, Diversity (EDI) and Inclusion cards to facilitate discussions and workshops around EDI in the workplace

University of Nottingham | Research Consulting

Peter Craigon, Debra Fearnshaw, Oliver Fisher and Emma Hadfield-Hudson at the University of Nottingham created a series of EDI cards to be used to support discussions of EDI in the workplace. However, they were having difficulties with supporting facilitators in carrying out these discussions, and facilitators were struggling to know where to start.

Research Consulting were commissioned by the University of Nottingham to create a facilitation guide. This includes a short explanation to the EDI cards and their themes, some examples of activities and uses, some guidance regarding how to prepare and facilitate your own EDI discussion session and further resources to learn more about EDI.

We created an initial set of guide cards and the university used this draft guidance within a series of workshops to train facilitators on how to use the cards. We then conducted a focus group with those who had attended the facilitator workshops to gather feedback on how useful the draft guide cards were and how they could be improved. Using this feedback, and feedback from the creators of the EDI cards, we finalised the guide cards and additional website information which can now be found in the link above.

Research Consulting operate in a way that they become part of the team rather than being external to a project. They are flexible and responsive and produce high quality outputs. I would also consider them for future projects.Debra Fearnshaw, Research & KE Strategic Delivery Manager