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We are delighted to announce that in the coming months Research Consulting will be working with OASPA and a steering group of OASPA members to assess the roles of different actors in shaping the open access market. Further information on this work can be found here: https://oaspa.org/developing-a-healthy-and-diverse-oa-market/

A healthy and diverse publishing market is key to OASPA’s mission and in order to shape their goals in this area, they recognise the need to develop a better understanding of the open access market as it stands. Research Consulting is pleased to be able to assist in this area and to explore the roles played by different actors in shaping the market, including researchers, public, private and not-for-profit entities.

The work includes the preparation of an issue brief to review the current state of the open access market, and the delivery of two workshops in July for a range of invited stakeholder representatives to further explore some of these complex issues.

Our early analysis of this subject indicates that the current open access market compares favourably to the traditional paywalled market on measures of both health and diversity. However, there are a number of reasons to believe it is becoming less healthy and diverse over time.

We look forward to working with OASPA and the OASPA steering group to further unpack these issues. A full report of the workshop outcomes will be released later this year.

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