Benchmarking the management of research contracts in 2018

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So, we’re finally at the end of this year-long project looking at research contract management across 30 UK and Australian universities.

Our public report has been released as the final project output and forms a comprehensive overview of contemporary research contract management in universities. You can also check out our infographic for an overview of some of the key findings and context for the project.

My previous blog post reported on some of the emerging issues discussed in June with the UK participants during our project workshops. Here we discuss some of the findings in our public report. During the three-year study period, the 30 participating universities reported employing 220 research contracts staff who delivered 50,000 agreements. Many topics fell within the broad scope of our work: staffing levels and experience, research income and contract volumes, remits, training, complexity, structures, systems and sign off protocols.

19 UK universities and 11 Australian universities participated, and their research incomes ranged from under £1m (A$1.8m) to over £250m (A$448m). They completed a common assessment framework in early 2018 and we’ve been analysing this over the past months.

Read or download our public project report and our infographic on Zenodo:

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