Dr Dan King



I lead our work in research development, partnership and knowledge exchange and specialise particularly in the areas of place, partnership and industry engagement. I have worked with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors internationally, supporting all areas of the research environment.

Since joining Research Consulting, I have led 18 projects, and supported many more, on research management, strategy and operational development, business development and knowledge exchange. Clients have included UK funding agencies, universities (individually and in collaborations) and a range of internationally-focused clients in Asia and the Middle East.

Prior to joining Research Consulting, I held the position of Director of Partnerships, Local Engagement and Commercial Services at Nottingham Trent University, establishing a new team to support partnerships with business and other employers. Between 2001-2017, I held a number of roles at the University of Nottingham where I led teams supporting research, knowledge exchange and strategy across the University. Roles included Acting Director for Research Enterprise and Graduate Services, and Head of Business and Local Partnerships.

I am passionate about the role research and universities have in developing places and have worked closely with civic and economic development partners. This includes roles as Director of the University of Nottingham Innovation Park management company, advisory input into the local governance committees for the 2007-2014 ERDF programme and 2014-2020 ESIF programmes and management of business grant schemes.