The Data Asset Framework survey represents a tried-and-tested methodology for helping institutions plan for preservation of their research data. We developed a revised version of the survey for Jisc in 2016, and the full question set and associated guidance are available free of charge on the Figshare repository. However, we know many institutions lack the capacity to develop, manage and analyse a DAF survey in-house.

How we can help:
• We offer independent advice on the design, management and analysis of your DAF survey
• The survey will be administered under your institution’s branding, using our enterprise-grade online survey software
• We take care of all aspects of the survey’s administration – you just have to disseminate the survey link
• We provide benchmarked analysis of your results to aid interpretation

DAF survey packages

We can provide as much or as little help as you need, and will provide honest advice to help you decide. Examples of the different levels of support we can offer include:

Survey managementTickMarkTickMarkTickMark
Survey brandingTickMarkTickMarkTickMark
Raw dataset TickMarkTickMarkTickMark
Anonymised dataset TickMarkTickMarkTickMark
Customisation of survey questionsTickMarkTickMark
Mid-survey progress updatesTickMarkTickMark
Standard reports from survey softwareTickMarkTickMark
Personalised survey structureTickMark
Personalised questionsTickMark
Full benchmarking report TickMark

What does it cost?

Delivery of a DAF survey can cost anywhere between £1,800 and £7,500+VAT, depending on institutional size and the level of customisation and analysis required. We would work with you to agree a tailored solution that is appropriate to your needs and budget.

Contact us to learn more and discuss your options
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