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By Mattia Fosci, 29 Sep 2017 Last week I attended the AESIS conference on Boosting the impact of Social Sciences and Humanities in Cardiff. It was an event-packed two-day conference with over 150 participants from academia, research funders and social scientists coming from the UK, Europe and North America. As a social science researcher routinely working with practice, the underlying assumption …

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buy provigil amazon

By Andrea Chiarelli and Rob Johnson, 28 Nov 2016 Policymakers, university managers and academic publishers all have something in common: they have to work out what researchers want. Sometimes an educated guess is good enough, but in many cases knowing what your stakeholders, staff or authors really think will lead to better decisions. Much of our work at Research Consulting …

buy provigil at walmart

by Rob Johnson and Tom Parsons, 16 Feb 2016 Research data management (RDM) can be a controversial subject. From a policy viewpoint it seems a no-brainer that researchers should safeguard their work, avoid any embarrassing data loss and share their data freely. However, from a researcher and institutional perspective, these ambitions are far from straightforward. Cost, complexity and a research …

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28 Oct 2015 On Friday 23 October 2015, PraxisUnico launched two surveys on Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC), prepared by Research Consulting. The surveys will collect data currently not available from thousands of KEC professionals and institutions in order to shape sector-wide recommendations and campaigns on behalf of the KEC profession. PraxisUnico’s main goals are: raise the profile of knowledge …

buy provigil online south africa

By Mattia Fosci, Consultant, 6 Jul 2015 Last Thursday, for the first time, I attended an event as the sole representative of Research Consulting. Hosted by Research Councils UK (RCUK) and Innovate UK, Research Innovate Grow was an interactive showcase that explored whether, to what extent and how the UK research environment stimulates innovation and drives economic growth in the country. …

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8 Feb 2015 A machine called HECToR was shut down last year. For six years it was one of the most powerful computational ‘brains’ in Britain providing vast processing heft and speed so thousands of researchers could solve vital problems faster and refine new ideas more thoroughly. Now its legacy is helping shape the future. Research teams fed HECToR enormous …