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purchase provigil from canada

By Dan King, 21/11/2018 Dan King, who leads Research Consulting’s work on partnerships and knowledge exchange, reflects on partnerships and industry engagement, in advance of a new benchmarking study planned for 2019. Following Research Consulting’s benchmarking study of research contract management, we are planning a similar approach to a study on partnerships and industry engagement.  Our plans are driven by …

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buy provigil amazon

By Rob Johnson, 09/10/2018 Today sees the launch of the 50th anniversary edition of ‘The STM Report: An overview of scientific and scholarly publishing’ (2018). Over the last six months I and my co-authors, Anthony Watkinson and Michael Mabe, have been hard at work pulling together the evidence base for this authoritative report covering all aspects of journal publishing, including …

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buy provigil at walmart

By Dan King, 20/07/2018 In the complex world of academic research and collaborations, research contracts teams in universities play an essential, yet often undervalued role. Their work facilitates ordered collaboration between organisations, the transfer of funds for R&D and due diligence to ensure the inherent risks of collaboration are managed. And when the unexpected happens, we look to the assurance …

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buy provigil american express

By Rob Johnson, 17/07/2018 Over the past few weeks, I have discussed the role of ‘hybrid’ open access (OA) in a post on the Scholarly Kitchen (Time to Check Out of the Hybrid Hotel?) and in a Podcast in the Copyright Clearance Center “Beyond the Book” series. Hybrid journals are closed-access subscription journals that allow authors, institutions, or funders to …

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buy provigil online south africa

By Andrea Chiarelli, 29/06/2018 On Tuesday 26th June, I attended the Inside Government event Moving Towards Full Open Access in Higher Education in London. The event dealt with open access and its challenges but also, more broadly, with open research. Thanks to a pool of high-profile speakers, we were presented with a series of significant observations – in this post, …

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buy nuvigil and provigil

by Rob Johnson, 23/04/2018 Research Consulting is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Director. From May 2018, Dr Dan King will join the company to lead our work in research development, partnerships and knowledge exchange. Prior to joining Research Consulting, Dan was Director of Partnerships, Local Engagement and Commercial Services at Nottingham Trent University, where he established a new …

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buy provigil bulletproof

by Rob Johnson, 17/04/2018 Exactly five years ago, in April 2013, I founded a new consultancy to help improve the effectiveness and impact of research. At that point, Research Consulting consisted of me, an iPad, a spare room in my house and a website intended to make us look a lot more credible than we were. A lot has happened …

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buy provigil by cephalon

Guest post by Christine Ferguson, 06/03/2018 Momentum continues to grow for early posting initiatives such as preprints and ‘Open Research’ platforms. In a previous post, I provided a recap of early posting models that have attracted buy-in from key stakeholders in the life sciences in recent years. Below, I recount eight reasons why these platforms are likely to be used …

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buy brand provigil

by Andrea Chiarelli, 26/02/2018 Our report for the Publishing Research Consortium (PRC) has been released on 23 February. Working in partnership with Pleiade Management and Consultancy, we interviewed 33 authors of gold open access articles to understand their motivations and influencing factors when selecting the Hybrid OA option. The report found that the most important factor for researchers when deciding where …